Weekly Meal Service

We are so happy to finally be offering a meal service to our customers. Whether you just need a little help in the kitchen preparing your regular paleo meals for you or your family, or you've just started a new diet and need something to get you going, we've got you. We know it's hard to learn a completely new way to cook for a one month elimination diet, and we're happy to specialize in those too! Our very first customer was AIP, SCD, and low FODMaP! Don't worry about it.

Please fill out the following form so we can better assess your needs. This is just a starting point and I'm sure we'll both have plenty of questions for each other!

Quick FAQs

-All meals come frozen in pint sized mason jars ($1 deposit per jar).

-Please allow 1 week from ordering time before picking up.

-We are big eaters ourselves and allot about 1.5 pints of food per meal (24oz) with roughly 40% meat based jars and 60% veggie based jars to keep the meal plan balanced.

-Delivery is local only. We don't offer shipping at this time. Please specify address in notes.

-For those wanting a subscription service, the subscriber discount is retroactively granted on the 4th and subsequent meal plans!

Name *
Will you be requiring delivery or picking up from the restaurant? *
Available in Portland only. Delivery charge is $15 within 20 minute drive of the restaurant or $25 within 30 minute drive. Please specify location in notes section below.
We offer both one time options as well as a continual service. 14 meals would be 2 meals per day for one week for one person.
Which of the following best describes your current nutritional needs? *
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Please email any charts/info your doctor gave you to me at CulturedCavemanPDX@gmail.com
We love to give credit where credit is due! Anytime someone you refer places an order and mentions you here, you receive $10 off your next order!

Thanks so much for taking the time to fill this out! Can't wait to start working together!!!


Your meal planning team:

Heather (owner, Cultured Caveman and email and logistics coordinator)

Brittany aka Modern_Cavegirl (meal plan chef extraordinaire... check out her instagram here!)