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The Oregonian - Portland's Best New Food Carts 2012

The Cultured Caveman adheres to the Paleolithic diet, which espouses a return to the types of food our less-evolved ancestors might have eaten. Before you sneer, know that the food here is good, from bacon-almond dates to a zesty kale-carrot-ginger salad. The tender all-meat chili, poured over a rainbow of russet, sweet and purple potato fries, is among the tastiest you'll find in town.

Portland Mercury - Paleo's Place

Cultured Caveman is a cart-success story well worth exploring. Opened two months ago, it has the requisite mix of exciting variables: personable and highly intelligent young entrepreneurs (Joe Ban and Heather Hunter), a good version of a trending product ("paleo" food), an embedded and vastly underserved audience (paleo and CrossFit adherents).

Food Carts Portland - The Cultured Caveman

Food at the Cultured Caveman is indeed elevated: Grass Fed All Meat Chili; Paleo Chicken “Tenders” breaded in coconut flour; hearty salads; and perfectly crisp French Fries fried in beef tallow are just some of the treats found here. I dined on a very thick, very satisfying cup of beef chili (no beans in this chili for the Paleos!), as well as a kale salad bursting with ginger and carrots.

Nom Nom Paleo: Portland Eats

Joe and Heather didn’t disappoint. The dynamic duo behind Cultured Caveman are exactly who I’d imagined them to be: warm, genuine, charismatic, smart, intrepid entrepreneurs. (Besides, they mentioned that a few of their menu items are actually based on my recipes, so how could I not love them? With me, flattery’ll get you everywhere!)